CLASS VI B – HISTORY HW – 26.11.15

Lesson Comprehension Task 1: Read lesson 8 ‘Ashoka, the emperor who gave up the war ‘ and answer the following questions in Note Book.


Q1. What was Ashoka’s Dhamma? 

Q2. Write few lines on Ashoka.(5)

Q3. How did Ashoka spread his Dhamma? (3)

Q4. What were the problems that Ashoka wanted to solve by introducing Dhamma?

Q5: Which part of Mauryan empire was important for blankets? (1)

Q6: Which part of Mauryan Empire was important for precious stones? (1)

Q7: Name the Greek ruler of West Asia who made alliance with Chandragupta Maurya?(1)

Q8: Name the ambassador who was sent to Chandragupta Maurya’s court by Greek ruler Seleucus. (1)

Q9: Name the present day state which was supposed to be Kalinga Kingdom during Mauryan empire? (1)

Q10. How did the Kalinga war bring about a change in Ashoka’s attitude towards war? (3)






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