6B SCIENCE H.W.(28/6/16)

Dear Learners,

Note: All the written tasks should be done in Notebook 1

  1. MCQ Task: Choose the correct answer.

Paheli wants to present her friend a gift made of plant fibre.

Which out of the following will she select?

(a) Jute bag

(b) Woollen shawl

(c) Silk saree

(d) Nylon scarf

  1. Which of the following materials did people use in ancient times for making clothes?

(i) Leaves of trees

(ii) Newspaper

(iii) Metal foils

(iv)  Animal skins and furs

(a) (i) and (ii)

(b) (i) and (iii)

(c) (ii) and (iii)

(d) (i) and (iv)

  1. Which set of substances is not used for making fibres?

(a) Silk, chemicals

(b) Yak hair, camel hair

(c) Husk, bones

(d) Flax, wool

  1. Boojho went to a cloth shop. There he found a fabric which was smooth to touch, had vibrant colour and shine. The fabric could be

(a) Cotton

(b) Wool

(c) Silk

(d) Jute

  1. Which part of the jute plant is used for getting jute fibre?

(a) Flower

(b) Stem

(c) Fruit

(d) Leaf

  1. The correct sequence to get cloth is :

(a) Fibre → fabric → yarn

(b) Fibre → yarn → fabric

(c) Fabric → yarn → fibre

(d) Yarn → Fibre → fabric

  1. Yarn is woven to get fabric using

(a) charkha

(b) spinning machines

(c) looms

(d) knitting needles

  1. Beera is a farmer. His field has black soil and the climate is warm. Which fibre yielding plant should he grow in his field?

(a) Jute

(b) Cotton

(c) Coconut

(d) Wool

[Time: 15 minutes                               MI: Verbal & Logical                         RBT: Application]

NOTE : Complete the rest of activity (weaving) at home and stick it on the blank page of NB1.


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