Geography HW for 19.6.17

Logical Thinking Task: Read the Lesson 2 -Globe  Latitudes and Longitudes, topic Indian standard time and

complete the following task in Note Book.
1 Question: Tick the correct answer

(a) The value of the prime meridian is (i) 90 degree (ii) 0 degree (iii) 60 degree
2. The Frigid Zone lies near
(i) The Poles (ii) the Equator (iii) the Tropic of Cancer
3. The total number of Longitudes is: (i) 360 (ii) 180 (iii) 90
4. The Antarctic Circle is located in
(a) The Northern Hemisphere (b) The Southern Hemisphere (c) The Eastern Hemisphere
5. Grid is a network of
(i) parallel of latitudes and meridians of longitudes (ii) the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
[Time: 10 minutes MI: Verbal, Logical RBT: Understanding]


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