Revision Question Bank for post mid term exam




(Revise textbook ,workbook and notebook for very short answers and Answer in one word/line and MCQs )


Visual Task and Writing Task


Dear Children

Watch the following video  to revise the concepts taught in class. and write  the following questions  answers in your notebook

1.what are the other names of patwari?

2.List some of the responsibilities of the police.
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Ans:The following are some of the responsiblities of police:-

  • Maintaining the dignity of the individual by safeguarding his/her fundamental rights.
  • Implement the law impartially.
  • Investigating crimes and the arrest offenders.
  • Maintaining a feeling of security in the community.
  • Protection of weaker sections of the society.
  • Helping in natural calamities, emergencies and disasters as the first responders.
  • Retaining the effective working relations with every sub system of criminal justice system.

3. State the functions of patwari.

Patwari is responsible for a group of villages.

His major functions includes:-

  1. Maintaining and updating the records of the village.
  2. The land maps and the corresponding details are kept by the Patwari.
  3. Responsible for organizing the collection of land revenue.
  4. Report the serious calamities affecting the land or the crops and the severe outbreaks of diseases amongst men and animals.
  5. He must help the headman in revenue collection.
  6. He keeps up a diary and a work book. The entries should be made on the day on which the events come to the notice of the patwari.