History HW for 23.12.17

Dear Children

Here is your homework for today

History HW for 23.12.17

Reminder: Submit your Geo and Pol science notebook for correction on Tuesday. 26/12/17.(If not checked).


History HW for 22.9.17

1.Writing Task:Answer the following questions in your history notebook

1.What was Dhamma?

2.Ashoka was inspired by the teachings of ____________.

3.When did Ashoka’s inclination towards Buddhism developed?

4.From where does the term ‘Dhamma’ was taken from?

5.Name the emperor who was also grandfather of Ashoka.

6.Name the three important rulers of Mauryan dynasty.

7.Name the wise man present in Chandragupta Maurya’s empire.

8.Name other names of Chanakya.

9.What is the modern name of Patliputra?

10.Why did Ashoka decided to give up wars?

11.Name the wise man present in Chandragupta Maurya’s empire.

12.Name a prosperous kingdom lying between the rivers Godavari and Mahanadi.

13.From whom does the emperor collected taxes?

14.Name the book from which the administration of the Mauryan Empire?

Complete textual exercise and submit your notebook on Monday  for corrections without fail.

History HW for 19.9.17

Dear Children

Here is your homework for today

1.What were the problems that Ashoka wanted to solve by introducing


2.What were the means adopted by Ashoka to spread the message of ‘Dhamma’

3.Write difference between empire and kingdom.

4.Fill in the blanks

1.Ashoka was Chandragupta’s_______________

  1. Chanakya was ______________’s minister.

3.The Arthashastra was written by______________.

  1. ________________ was the gateway to the northwest of the empire.

5.___________________ were sent as governors to other provincial capital.

  1. South India was important for_____________.
  2. Ashoka gave up war after winning over___________

8.Ashoka appointed _______________ to spread dhamma.